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2004 Notes:  This page was created at the beginning of "A Wish for Wings" since about the time of Episode #13, I knew we wouldn't be seeing the angels or shadow relationships for a VERY long time.  So this page was created to sort of set the stage for later stories and the "Sequel" I had come up with just a few episodes after the beginning of the series....

Evolution of the Story
Developing the Characters
Making the Comic

Original Outlines

HannaWhen the world was created, there were five Angels doing the will of the Creator, shaping and molding the society that existed out of the cradle. Those five were Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel and Morningstar.

Once the world of Man left it's cradle, the mission changed from one of trailblazing for the Humans, to guiding the Humans to their eventual destinies.

But something went wrong.

The Angels were not without their flaws. Michael was distrustful. Gabriel was too tolerant. Rafael was too forgiving. Uriel was obsessive. And Morningstar was jealous.

It was a confrontation between Morningstar and The Creator that broke the original Cadre. The Creator punished Morningstar for his envy by forcing him to wear a three pointed crown, and banished him to the Earth.

To prevent any further corruption to the Cadre, The Creator introduced the Infinite Secretarial Pool to distance himself from the Angels. Through the Pool, all his orders were relayed. Through the Pool, the Angel's reports wereA Shadowman given to The Creator.

To replace Morningstar, the first of the Human Angels was recruited. A young female warrior named Hanna, who had died during a hunt. After substantial training, she was accepted into the Cadre.

On Earth, Morningstar's rage and envy at the Cadre grew until he corrupted, creating the first of the Shadows. Proudly displaying his crown, he began to taint the hearts of Humans. His legions grew faster than the Angels could handle.

The Shadow Society existed for Morningstar alone. He was to be the owner of Man, his Shadows were to be his lieutenants.

While two more Human Angels, Naasir and Ridhaa, were recruited to take care of the Shadows and the Humans, The Angels were soon outnumbered by the corrupted humans. With the Shadows running rampant on Earth, the fate of Man was in jeopardy. It was Hanna that suggested the idea of the Lesser Angels.

The Lesser Angels were recruited from Humans after their deaths. With training, the Lesser Angels could fight the Shadows and guide the Humans on a more personal - albeit more temporary - level, while the True Angels could work on more permanent solutions to the crisis facing them.

The back and forth battle lasted for millennia, and as the population grew, so did the Angels. The Lesser Angels became so numerous, and the population of Earth so large, that other Humans were inducted into the Cadre of True Angels, as they now called themselves, to help the daily administration of Lesser Angels, Humans and The Shadow Wars.

But as of late, the Shadows seem to have had advance knowledge of the Angel's plans. And their numbers are growing despite the their recent losses....

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