"The Month of Hell" Spec Script

[Up to Star Trek]
Up to Star Trek

This script was written because (1)transgender folk have taken it on the chin recently (2) trans-men tend to get ignored in media (I actually went to several trans-men folk I knew and asked them what they didn't like from pre-transition life, and used it in the script and (3) cartoons usually have a gender switch episode with really bad jokes and ideas, and I wanted to do one right.  Whether I did or not is up to you.

The script was given to a friend, Crystal Frasier, for sensitivity reading (I'm an old biddy) and to punch up some of the jokes.  I love her Tendi rant of "I DON'T WANNA BE A PIRATE, MOM!"  It was submitted to the 2022 Nickelodeon Writing Program Competition.  It didn't place, but it was in the top 15 scripts being read in Coverfly's Science Fiction scripts for a while.  Gotta take the wins where you can get them.

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