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Emm'a killed him as soon as he arrived. I
I lost my Skai long before today, Andrea.  I've been mourning ever since.  
You didn't kill her.  Break the body and the soul is released.  Break the soul and YOU are released.  She gave you all she had left of herself.  
  I long for you.  I...I...don't even know your name.
I am Han'a of the Alfagauchmeier Tribe.  Please call me Hanna.  It's the name most call me. Hanna...was I...
  ...AM I an angel?
As you are now, I once was.  As I am now, you may become.
  Then I was never an Angel.
You were never truly an Angel.  But among our people, you were so much more. Our people?
I'm just as Human as you are. And you're an Angel?
As I am now, you may become.  
  Then it was all for nothing. 
Andrea, do you know whose child that was on the tower where you fell?   I don't know.  He was in danger, I had to act.
He was the son of one of Emm'a's colleagues.  A man who named himself Iblael Sonalerafielo. THAT WAS HIS SON?  IF I HAD KNOWN...
You would have done something different?  
We are protectors of the Innocent and the Misfortunate.  You may not be an Angel now...but you have more than been one on Earth.  
Together, you could become one of us. Together?
We should leave.  I'm sure there are Shadows on their way to investigate Emm'a's disappearance.   Hanna?
  Thank you....
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