SFJenn v1.5a patch.

-=The Story So Far...=-
500 Years Ago...

The Demon Shang Tsung, banished from the Outworld by Shao Khan, took over 
the tournament of Mortal Kombat, regularly held by Shaolin Monks.  With 
the aid of his pupil Goro, he took over the tournament, moving it to the 
Island of Shang Tsung, somewhere in the South Pacific.

Defeated by a Shaolin Monk, Liu Kang, in the tournament which was to open 
a portal from Earth to the Outworld, Shang Tsung returned to Shao Khan to 
meet his fate.  His mission to allow Khan to enter the Earth during the 
final tournament had failed.

Facing execution, Shang Tsung formulated a second plan.  By firstly 
humiliating the original seven members of the last tournament and their 
allies, Shao Khan would open a portal to Earth and stage a second 
tournament.  During this second tournament, a portal would be opened near 
Chicago and Tsung would ressurect the wife of Shao Khan in the Earth realm.

With the death of Johnny Cage in the final round of fighting, Shao Khan had 
won the tournament.  With his new plan in action, Khan sends his personal 
assassins Kitana and Mileena to scope out the strength of any possible 
warriors the Earth God Raiden might wish to protect.

Using the portal to the Island of Shang Tsung, Kitana and Mileena 
disperse and enter a new tournament...one they've not encountered 
before.  Destroying the warriors Dhalsim and E. Honda quietly, they enter 
the tournament making Japan and India places of their own...

-=System Requirements=-
Microsoft Virtual Machine: Install DOS 3.3 or greater.  You must have at least 
920k (640k conventional+280k XMS) Unzip the entire contents of this file into 
a directory of your choice, and run SFJENN.EXE.  Use SETUP.EXE to configure
your sound settings.

DOSBox: Set the CPU Cycles to 3250.  Unzip the entire contents of this file 
into a directory of your choice, and run SFJENN.EXE.  There are issues with 
fonts with DOSBox.  Use SETUP.EXE to configure your sound settings.

DOS:  You must have at least 920k (640k conventional+280k XMS) and VGA graphics 
card.  Soundblaster compatible cards are not necessary, but recommended.  Unzip
 the entire contents of this file into a directory of your choice, and run 
SFJENN.EXE.  There are issues with fonts with DOS.

-=Basic Moves for the Street Fighter Character=-
  Facing Right :

    [UB] [U] [UF]               [1]     [2]     [3]
       0  0  0                  Jab    Strong  Fierce
        \ | /                    0       0       0
  [B] 0--   --0 [F]
        / | \                    0       0       0
       0  0  0                 Short  Forward RoundHouse
    [DB] [D] [DF]               [4]     [5]     [6]


Fireball                        [D] [F] + [1|2|3]
Red Fireball (Ryu only)         [B] [D] [F] + [1|2|3]
Dragon Punch                    [F] [D] [F] + [1|2|3]
Cyclone Kick                    [D] [B] + [4|5|6]
Throw Opponent                  Close [B|F] + [2|3|5|6]


Kikkoken                        [B] [F] + [1|2|3]
Lightning Kick                  [4444|55555|666666]
Spinning Bird Kick              [D] [U] + [4|5|6]
Throw Opponent                  Close [B|F] + [2|3]
Air Slam                        Close in Air [none|B|F|UB|UF] + [3]
Flip Kick                       Close [B|F] + [5]
Flipping Neck Breaker           Close [B|F] + [6]


Electricity                     [1111|22222|333333]
Horizontal Roll                 [B] [F] + [1|2|3]
Vertical Roll                   [D] [U] + [4|5|6]
Arching Roll                    [B] [F] + [4|5|6]
Bite                            Close [B|F] + [3]
Double Head Butt                Close [B|F] + [2]


Lariat                          [2] + [3]
Super Lariat                    [5] + [6]
Spinning PileDriver             Close [U] + [3]
Throw/Grab Opponent             Close [B|F|DB|DF] + [2|3|5|6]


Sonic Boom                      [B] [F] + [1|2|3]
Blade Kick                      [D] [U] + [4|5|6]
Knee Hop                        [B|F] + [5]
Throw Opponent                  Close [B|F] + [2|3]
Upside-down Kick                Close [B|F] + [6]
Air Slam                        Close in Air + [3]
Back Breaker                    Close in Air + [3]


Dashing Straight                [B] [F] + [1|2|3]
Dashing Upper                   [B] [F] + [4|5|6]
Buffalo Headbutt                [D] [U] + [1|2|3]
Level 1 TAP                     [2] + [3]
Level 2 TAP                     [4] + [5] + [6]
Level 3 TAP                     [Charge Down] [B] [F] + [3]
Grab Opponent (Head Butt)       Close [B|F] + [2|3]


Rolling Crystal Flash           [B] [F] + [1|2|3]
Flying Barcelona                [D] [U] + [4|5|6]
Air Torpedo                     [D] [U] + [1|2|3]
Flip Backwards                  [2] + [3]
Quick Flip Backwards            [5] + [6]
Throw Opponent                  Close [B|F] + [2|3]
Air Slam                        Close in Air [none|B|F|UB|UF] + [3]


High Fireball                   [D] [F] + [1|2|3]
Low Fireball                    [D] [F] + [4|5|6]
Tiger Uppercut                  [F] [D] [F] + [1|2|3]
Tiger Knee                      [B] [F] + [4|5|6]
Throw Opponent                  Close [B|F] + [2|3]


Psycho Crusher                  [B] [F] + [1|2|3]
Scissor Kick                    [B] [F] + [4|5|6]
Head Stomp                      [D] [U] + [4|5|6]
Devil's Reverse                 [D] [U] + [1|2|3]
Throw Opponent                  Close [B|F] + [2|3]

-=Basic Moves for the Mortal Kombat Characters=-
  Facing Right :

    [UB] [U] [UF]               [1]     [2]     [3]
       0  0  0                  Jab    Strong  Fierce
        \ | /                    0       0       0
  [B] 0--   --0 [F]
        / | \                    0       0       0
       0  0  0                 Short  Forward RoundHouse
    [DB] [D] [DF]               [4]     [5]     [6]

Blocking is done as in Street Fighter II game (Hold back as opponent does
	an attack)
Low punch is done by hitting Jab
High punch is done by hitting Strong.  Fierce will also deliver a High punch
        with Mileena ONLY.
Low Kick is done by hitting Short
High Kick is done by hitting Forward
Uppercuts are Down+Fierce
Foot Sweeps are Down+RoundHouse
Roundhouses are RoundHouse


Square Wave Flight              [F] [D] [B] + [2]
Fan Toss                        [F] [F] + [4] + [1]
Air Fan Toss                    [B] [B] + [#] + [6]
Fan Wave                        [B] [B] [B] + [3]
Dragon Punch                    [B] [D] [B] + [1]
Hurricane Kick                  [D] [B] + [5]
Lightning Leg                   [6666]


Ball Roll                       [B] [B] [D] + [6]
Sai Throw                       [D] [F] + [1]
Air Sai Throw                   [D] [B] + [3]
Leg Drop                        [F] [F] [F] + [4]
Dragon Punch                    [D] [B] [F] + [2]
Hurrican Kick                   [D] [D] [U]
Spinning Pile Driver            Close [U] + [3]

-=Frequently Asked Questions=-

Q1:  Can I write to the authors?
A1:  Yes you can!  And here are the email of two of the authors.  :) Comments,
     suggestions, requests, or even a word from you would be appreciated!
     Your letter will probably be the only reward we will ever get, so feel
     free to write to us!

     Derek Liu          - http://syste.ms/mail.html 
     Brian Chan         - chanav@sfu.ca
     Jenn Dolari        - jenn@dolari.net

Q2:  When's the next version of SFJENN coming out, and what can we expect?
A2:  Will there be another version?  No.  I've mentioned that SFJenn 2.0 
     would be out as early as 1994.  It's 2006 as I write this.  Doubt it'll
     be anytime soon - but you never know.

Q3:  Can you put in bonus rounds/joystick/mouse/GUS/PAS support?
A3:  Unfortunately not, since we didn't originally program the game.  However
     you CAN use a keyboard emulated pad.  I had an SNES Pad to PC coverter, 
     with some special software.  Worked great.  For DOSBox and Microsoft
     Virtual Machine, try JoyToKey.  


Q4:  SFLIU runs too fast on my computer.  Is there any way to slow it down?
A4:  Turn off the turbo :)  Go into OPTIONS and turn the speed down.  A
     Pentium 200 MMX will play it at a respectable speed on setting 4.  Also
     go into SETUP.EXE (always a good idea) and have it check the video speed

     Actually, that was one of the main complaints we had about SF2IBM V1.96 -
     there was no longer a slight slowdown after a hit,  This is not a problem
     in SFJenn 1.5a.  Go into Options and turn HITPAUSE up or down to fine tune

Q5:  SFLIU runs too slow on my computer.  Is there any way to speed it up?
A5:  Buy a Pentium :)

Q6:  Why does Bison's Head Stomp miss?  Why can't Vega air slam after
     a wall jump?  Why can't Chun Li/Vega jump off the walls?  Why
     does Blanka's roll hit multiple times?  Why doesn't a jumping
     jab last for the whole jump?
A6:  In SF2IBM, the movement of each attack must be mapped out exactly.
     There is no way to tell where the opponent is at that particular
     time.  Similarly, there is no way to detect where the player is
     at that particular time, so wall jumping cannot be implemented.

     Also related to this, there is no way to tell if a move has
     hit the opponent or not.  That is why Honda's torpedo can be
     blocked multiple times, and why Blanka's roll can hit/be blocked
     multiple times (Honda's torpedo knocks down).  That is also why
     jumping jab/short attacks cannot last for the whole jump - otherwise
     they would start hitting multiple times (like the original versions
     of SF2IBM).

Q7:  Why does the computer sometimes start attacking the wrong way?
A7:  That's because the computer is in the middle of a computer combo.
     See Q6 for a more complete explanation of how SF2IBM works.

Q8:  Why can't Ryu/Ken/Chun Li do Cyclone Kick/SBK in the air?
A8:  SF2IBM has a number of problems regarding the ability to perform special
     moves in the air.  Firstly, it cannot detect where the ground is, or
     where in the jump that the CK/SBK was called.  Therefore, we cannot
     program a proper CK/SBK without having Ken/Ryu/Chun Li "float" back to
     earth, or disappear below the ground.  Secondly, continual use of moves
     in the air has the potential to hang the game by having Ken/Ryu/Chun Li
     go higher and higher, off the screen.  Thirdly if we did do moves in the
     air, it wouldn't exactly match the arcade anyways.  In HF, an aerial
     CK/SBK has no ascending motion, while in SF2IBM it would.  Also see Q6
     for further details.

Q9:  Can you give everyone Hyper colors?
A9:  Graphics editing for SF2IBM is a huge pain in the butt.  It would take
     way too much effort to recapture every single frame of a character,
     edit out the backgrounds, and match them to SF2IBM's palette.

Q10:  What's the difference between Ryu and Ken, anyways?
A10:  1)  Ryu's CK knocks down.  Ken's CK will hit on the way up.
      2)  Ryu's FB recovery time and FB speed is faster.
      3)  Ryu has a slower DP.
      4)  In SSF2 mode, Ken's DP strong hits twice, fierce hits three times,
          and sets you ablaze.
      5)  Ryu's cuter.

Q11:  Why are the interruptible moves still able to be interrupted when I
      haven't hit my opponent?
A11:  SF2IBM interrupt feature makes no distinction between previously hitting
      or missing your opponent.  Besides, it is possible in the arcade to
      interrupt without a previous hit (although it is nowhere near as easy
      as SFJENN!)

Q12:  Why was Terry and Andy distributed with past SFLIU versions?
A12:  The original author substituted Terry and Andy for Balrog and
      Vega in the original SF2IBM V1.96.  SFLIU V2.00 included Balrog,
      but not Vega.  So Andy was used to fill Vega's place.

Q13:  Who the hell is Terry and Andy, anyways?
A13:  The Bogard brothers, from the Fatal Fury series.

Q14:  I've looked into the KEY file and noticed that there are many moves
      starting with a number followed by an "U", should I edit them so we can
      use the move?
A14:  Hey, those are for the computer only! :)

Q15:  Why is the computer so stupid?  The game isn't much of a challenge.
A15:  SFJENN.EXE merely does normal moves and the special moves (specified in
      the KEY file) somewhat randomly.  

Q16:  The Ryu opening SUCKS!  How do I get rid of it?
A16:  Go into OPTIONS and turn DEMO off.

Q17:  Why isn't there charging built into the game?
A17:  Actually, charging IS built into SF2IBM, but it doesn't add anything
      to the gameplay.  You cannot jump and charge, so Guile wouldn't be
      able to do any combos.  The charge time is too long, longer that
      Guile's jump time, so Guile still wouldn't be able to do combos! :(
      A single keystroke would erase the charge, so one cannot punch and
      charge at the same time.

      Note that charging is used on Balrog's level 3 TAP.

Q18:  Why is the delay after Guile's Sonic Boom so long?
A18:  Well, see the above for the charging aspect.  Also, if the delay was
      any shorter, then one would be able to do Sonic Boom/Sonic Boom/Sonic
      Boom/Blade Kick as a combo.  (Yikes!)  Also, it would be too easy to
      do a Sonic Boom/Blade Kick trap, much like Ken and Ryu's FB/DP trap.

Q19:  How do I Cyclone Kick over a fireball?  The game always makes me block.
A19:  "Timing", in the arcade sense, is not needed to perform special moves in
      SF2IBM.  The game merely detects a series of keystrokes within a certain
      time "window".  If it matches a special move, then that special move is
      performed.  Try pressing "down", release, then press "back", release,
      then finally hit a kick button.  Ryu/Ken should still do a CK, despite
      the fact that the keystrokes were not "consecutive".  Of course, this
      doesn't apply to Sonic Booms or Yoga Fires.  

Q20:  Why do some combos still redizzy?
A20:  The internal dizzy meter works a bit differently than the arcade.  When
      dizzy in the arcade, one's dizzy meter should be set on empty to make a
      re-dizzy extremely unlikely, if not impossible.  In SFLIU, dizzy power
      cannot be tuned-it is directly proportional to the damage of the move.
      Besides, in SF2IBM, the dizzy meter is extremely crude.  In SFLIU, the
      "big" combos might redizzy, such as the Fierce/Fierce/DP combos.
      However, there's not much we can do about that, since the dizzying power
      of all attacks were already lowered as much as possible.

Q21:  Why is it that if I throw a fireball close up, and my opponent blocks,
      his blocking time is shorter than my fireball delay time?  Then he
      combos me back.
A21:  In the arcade, different actions cause different blocking time.  For
      example, the "block stun" time of blocking a fireball is exactly the
      same as the fireball delay.  The block stun caused by a jab will be
      shorter than the block stun caused by a fierce.  However, in SF2IBM,
      there is only one blocking time.  We had to shorten it to allow
      blocking a high attack immediately followed by a low attack.
Q22:  Why can't I do moves if my opponent is holding down too many of his
A22:  It's a hardware limitation in how many keystrokes a keyboard can send
      at the same time.

Q23:  Why doesn't the close range attacks work if my opponent is directly above
A23:  The .EXE only calls up the close range attacks when the opponent is on
      the ground.

Q24:  What happened to Bison's blue torpedo flame?
A24:  There aren't enough hit reactions to implement that.

Q25:  Why is Player 2 always green?
A25:  The color choice for the second player is hard-coded into the EXE
      for some strange reason.

Q26:  Why didn't you put in more SSF2 characters, graphics, etc.?
A26:  See Q9.

Q27:  The music is too slow, why?  (or I'm playing is DOS, and there's no sound!)
A27:  You're playing under Windows 9X or XP.  While this doesn't KILL the game
      it can sound kinda funky.  Best to play in Pure DOS, although DOSBox is 
      pretty good.  But if you decide to play in Pure Dos make sure your 
      soundcard has DOS Drivers (good luck with that).

Q28:  I keep getting an error about SFJenn not playing well, and that it
      should play in DOS mode.
A28:  See Q27.

Q29:  Where is the energy bar?!  Where are my Shadows?!  WHERE ARE THEY!  WHERE?!
A29:  Turn on SHADOWS in the Options menu if your shadows dissapear.  Turn on 
      SCBOARD to turn the energy bar on if it goes blank.  you can also hit the 
      spacebar to get the energy bar back.

Q29:  Why did I do this?
A29:  Well, I'm crazy that's why. :)  I had always wanted some kinda dream
      tournament which would've been fun and I set my heart on making an
      SF2IBM patch (The easiest game to mess with).  Originally planned as a
      Kitana only patch, I added Mileena after seeing just how easy it was to
      pallete swap the characters!

      The 1.5 was done simply to update the old XSF196 engine up to the newer
      LIM198 engine, which has less bugs and actual features in it.  The SFJenn
      2.0 game I've been planning for a very long time is still in the works,
      but frankly, I'm so lazy this was easier. ;)

Q30:  Hey, my fonts look all funny!
      built in 1992 or 93, well before the world of Windows XP (heck, before 
      Windows 9X), and 3 digit Megs of Memory, and Gigs of HDD space and 
      whatnot.  The fact that it plays at all anymore is pretty amazing.  :)  
      Anyways, somewhere along the line something got upgraded that SFJenn 
      didn't like, and all the fonts went crazy.  This is only a pain if you 
      want to get into the OPTIONS mode.  I've included a screen shot of the 
      options page in OPTIONS.PNG.  That should help you there.

 o Rearranged the AI so it's not so crazy insane.

 o Rebuilt FACEX, SFACE, SKING, FACSW files for new engine.
 o A crappy ending sequence.
 o New MDI music for Mileena, Kitana, Endings, Continue, Sagat, Bison.
 o New Sound Effects for carious functions in the game.
 o Cleaner Backgrounds


 o Replaced C-SF.MDI with new music.


 o Added music for Kitana and Mileena.

SFLIU V2.20 -> SFJENN V1.0

 o Replaced E. Honda stage/sprites with Kitana stage/sprites.
 o Replaced Dhalsim stage/sprites with Mileena stage/sprites.

SFLIU V2.01 -> SFLIU V2.10

 o Vega added.
 o Balrog electricity frame added.
 o Bison dark fire frame added.
 o New Guile background
 o New character portraits

 o Updated HYP_CHAR.SF2 to include fighting styles
 o Selection screen order corrected
 o Computer combos upgraded
 o Characters cannot interrupt a dizzy
 o Character flip after bites/grabs edited
 o Corrected a number of attacks that missed a crouched Blanka, or
   hit a crouched Honda.
 o Dizzy stars synchronized


 o Standing (far) forward longer coming out
 o Standing (far) strong interruptible
 o Standing (far) rh more effective as air defense
 o Standing (far) rh hits FB pose
 o Standing (far) forward hits FB pose
 o Standing (far) forward somewhat better air defense
 o Ken jab DP recovery lengthened due to mistake from (2.0à -> 2.0)
 o Crouching short range reduced
 o Changed opponents reaction to K/R slams
 o Shifted up FB explosion
 o Standing (close) RH hits FB pose


 o Torpedo now misses low tiger
 o Standing fierce more effective as air defense, no longer hits Dhalsim's
 o Reduced hit time for crouching strong
 o Jumping rh now faster in coming out
 o Strong throw, opponents reaction edited
 o Reduced damage of 1000 hands
 o 1000 hands hits more often
 o Extended range of 1st frame of torpedo
 o 1st frame of strong/fierce torpedo now hits, knocks down
 o Longer delay time after standing strong
 o Shifted up crouching block pose
 o Hit range in 1000 hands corrected


 o Walking will no longer get hit by CK or Hi Tiger
 o Fixed bad SPD reaction
 o "Bounce" at end of fire, electricity reaction will no longer cause opponent
   to block
 o Added Blankaball bounceback
 o Standing (far) rh slightly better air defence
 o Can no longer double knee thru SB
 o Standing fierce slightly less effective air defense
 o Flip backwards looks better after bite.


 o Reduced time of effectiveness, increased delay for standing (far) rh
 o Increased delay for standing (far) fierce
 o Increased delay for crouching fierce
 o Reduced time of effectiveness for crouching RH
 o Upside-down kick now hits crouched, except for Blanka
 o Standing (far) rh more effective as air defense
 o Crouching fierce, fully extended, no longer hits torpedos
 o 2 computer combos missing GUILE1.VOC
 o Hopping knee no longer good air defense, now hits low
 o Reduced range of standing (far) forward
 o Slight cosmetic change to flip in the air after Blade Kick
 o Backfist no longer hits low


 o Range, effective time of crouching RH reduced
 o FB now hits D's crouch punch
 o Jumping RH no longer capable of hitting long after button pressed
 o Electricity reaction fixed
 o Landing slightly too far after YF, electricity, etc.  Fixed.
 o Effective time of standing (close) RH reduced
 o Standing (far) forward slightly better air defence
 o Standing (far) fierce horizontal hit range decreased
 o Standing (far) fierce no longer hits low
 o All crouching punch now have different hit ranges
 o Reduced damage of wind kick, SBK hit on way up
 o Effective time of standing (far) RH reduced
 o Jumping RH range increased
 o Jump straight + RH can now be blocked crouched
 o Bug in reelback animation fixed


 o Crouched pose raised 2 pixels
 o All damages lowered to match other fighters
 o Standing (far) RH somewhat better for air defense
 o Adjusted Z's jump, aligned jump frame
 o Adjusted SPD bounceback
 o All crouching kicks now have different hit ranges
 o Standing (close) short hits faster
 o Now shifts over during lariat
 o Extended SPD range
 o Standing (far) short hit range extended
 o Recovery after standing (close) roundhouse no longer able to hit
 o Small invincible bug at end of reelback animation fixed
 o Lariat now 2+3
 o Less bounceback after left + fierce slam


 o Can now slide under K/R's FB
 o Standing (far) forward hits more consistently
 o Standing (far) kicks better air defense
 o Effective time of crouching strong reduced
 o Forward and RH slide hits more consistently
 o Must block gimpy kick in computer combo low now
 o Yoga spear/mummy changed to blade kick motion, lands better
 o Added gimpy kick, interruptable
 o Noogie halt removed
 o Yoga Flame hits less
 o Removed glitch from standing strong
 o Slide no longer hits Blankaball
 o Jumping short/forward hits further
 o Getting hit by electricity no longer shifts
 o Increased damage from spear and mummy
 o Fixed bug in block stun


 o Crouching fierce range reduced
 o Crouching jab no longer hits CK
 o Crouching fierce hits CK cleanly
 o Standing jab hits FB pose
 o Standing (close) fierce hits FB pose
 o Standing (far) strong hits FB pose
 o Dashing straight somewhat better for airborne opponents
 o Standing (far) rh slightly better air defence
 o Removed sfx for 1 computer combo
 o Block pose no longer "shifts"
 o TAP 1 now 2+3
 o TAP 2 now 4+5+6
 o Better DP reaction
 o Easier to tap thru fb, jump over fb
 o Now cannot tap thru slow yf
 o Can tap thru tiger easier
 o Crouching punches all have different hit ranges
 o No longer hit by CK when crouched
 o Now combos easier with jab/short flurries
 o Standing (far) fierce no longer hits low
 o Crouching fierce and roundhouse delay reduced
 o Standing jab combos now work
 o Shifted over fire reaction
 o Decreased range of standing (close) forward/rh
 o Can now TAP through a jab FB


 o Standing (far) rh better air defense
 o Reduced hit range of Tiger Knee
 o Standing forward now hits FB pose, misses crouched
 o TU damage reduced
 o Shifted up jumping kick
 o Slam reaction to K/R/G looks somewhat better
 o Changed image in recovery after TU, TK
 o Fixed wrong winning pose
 o Changed look of start and end of jump
 o Fixed minor bug in dizzy animation
 o Longer delay after Tiger Knee
 o Fixed bug in block stun


 o SB, YF now hits scissor kick
 o Scissor kick now misses crouched blanka
 o Fixed wrong winning pose
 o Headstomp and followup punch upgraded in damage
 o Fixed minor bug in dizzy animation
 o Longer delay after scissor kick

SFLIU V2.00 -> SFLIU V2.01


 o SFLIU occasionally jumped to DOS when playing against E. Honda and various
   other characters.  Fixed.
 o Some characters had abnormal winning and losing poses.  Partial fix.
 o "Andy" was mistakenly named "Terry".  Fixed.


 o New Yoga Flame for Dhalsim.
 o Balrog's dashing punches slowed down.  Should be easier to hit opponent
   and less likely to miss now.  Also, a player cannot combo a short
   dashing upper over and over again.
 o More accurate timing for computer combos.
 o Different key combinations for doing level 1 & 2 TAPs for Balrog.
 o Andy's medium level special moves removed.
 o Dhalsim's medium Yoga Mummy and Yoga Spear removed.
 o Zangief's and Dhalsim's throw range decreased.

SFLIU V2.00alpha -> SFLIU V2.00

To thank:  Chan Chee Meng (*)
           Stan Warman (**)

List of changes since SFLIU2.0à : (hope we got them all!)



1.  SF2196 has a bug where it is possible to slam a opponent that has fallen,
    reeling back, getting up, or in block stun.  Now is it not able to slam
    an opponent that is lying down or getting up.  This change does have its
    side effects, such as Chun Li losing her Flipping Neck Kick when the
    opponent is lying on the ground.  But we felt that this change in gameplay
    took more priority than the drawbacks.  However, it is not possible
    to fix slamming during reeling back or in block stun, so take it easy on
    the ticking!
**2.  The bug that caused the game to crash in an Andy vs. Andy or Terry vs.
    Terry match has been fixed.  Thanks to Stan Warman for this fix.




1.  Balrog is here!!!!
2.  Edited FACEW:  Winning faces, selection cursor, vs sign, countdown sign
3.  Edited FACEX:  Losing faces
4.  Edited 4KING:  Boss winning/losing faces, small/greyed faces
5.  Edited SFACE:  Small faces, greyed faces, plane, x mark.
**6.  Terry and Andy now have electricity/yoga fire/torpedo hit frame, thanks
    to Stan Warman.
**7.  Got rid of that annoying "blip" in Zangief's standing pose.  Thanks to
    Stan Warman for this fix.
8.  Captured fireball dissipation for all projectile characters.
9.  Added/modified sound effects:
      -Tiger Uppercut
      -Sagat's slam
      -Terry/Andy's attacks
      -You win/lose
      -Round x, Fight


1.  Captured Knee Attack (Close Standing Forward)




1.  Captured crouching fierce.
2.  Captured first frame of Sonic Boom, new Sonic Boom frames.
3.  Captured Hopping Knee.


1.  Captured Fireball.
2.  Captured Flip Kick frame.
3.  Captured Flipping Back Kick frame.



1.  Captured crouching fierce.


1.  Captured Tiger Fireballs.
2.  Captured Tiger Knee.
3.  Captured standing Jab.
4.  Captured standing forward


1.  Captured slide kick delay.




1.  When characters are "overlapping", (which doesn't happen in the arcade
    anyways, just in SF2IBM) the hit ranges were edited so the following will
    now hit:
      -Ken/Ryu's crouching fierce
      -E. Honda's crouching fierce
      -Zangief's crouching kicks, standing punches
      -M. Bison's standing kicks
      -Guile's standing strong, fierce
      -Sagat's standing kicks
    This should take care of all the annoying times you've tried to hit an
    opponent but missed.


1.  Crouching fierce is now better for air defense, and knocking other
    Ken/Ryu's out of their Cyclone Kick.
2.  Crouching short/FB is now a combo.
3.  Delay time after standing (far) short increased so that it is no longer
4.  Ken's cyclone kick now hits Ken/Ryu's fireball pose.
5.  Standing close and far jabs now hits Ken/Ryu's fireball pose.
6.  Standing (far) strong will miss crouched, while standing (close) strong
    will hit crouched.


1.  Now rebounds further after Sumo Head Butt.  (This was actually implemented
    in SFLIU11, but we forgot to mention it in the 1.1 docs)
2.  Sumo Head Butt will now miss a Low Tiger.
3.  Crouching jab/strong/short/forward will now hit Chun Li's SBK.
4.  Hundred Hand Slap moves faster.
5.  Fierce Hundred Hand Slap now slightly easier to do.
6.  Only jab torpedo can hit twice now.
7.  Easier to go through fireballs with jab torpedo and Sumo Butt Crush.
8.  Sumo Butt Crush ascends faster.


*1. Vertical range of electricity increased for better air defense.
2.  Horizontal roll will now get hit by a Low Tiger.
3.  Jump straight + fierce now lasts longer and comes out quicker for easier
4.  Now slightly easier to hit jumping opponents with standing roundhouse for
    better air defense.
5.  Standing fierce comes out quicker for better air defense.
6.  Standing (close) jab comes out faster, making combos easier.
7.  Standing (close) strong comes out faster, making combos easier.
8.  Standing fierce no longer hits crouched opponents.
9.  Horizontal roll no longer hits a crouched Blanka.


1.  Blade Kick delay has been decreased slightly, making it somewhat easier to
    jump in and combo.
2.  The second fierce of Fierce/Fierce/Sonic Boom combo now connects more
    easily.  Before, it would miss too often.
3.  Upside down kick (slam with roundhouse) now hits fireball pose, misses
    crouched opponents, and starts up faster.
4.  Standing (far) forward now hits fireball pose, misses crouched opponents.
5.  Standing (close) forward now hits fireball pose, misses crouched
6.  Standing (close) fierce no longer hits a crouched E. Honda.
7.  Jumping punches no longer misses Ken/Ryu's fireball pose.
8.  Standing (far) roundhouse no longer misses Ken/Ryu's fireball pose.


1.  Standing (far) fierce no longer hits a crouched E. Honda.
2.  Crouching roundhouse hit range extended.
3.  Spinning Bird Kick can now be hit by Zangief and M. Bison's crouching
    punches, and E. Honda crouching jab/strong/short/forward.
4.  Spinning Bird Kick now starts slightly faster.
5.  Jump straight and roundhouse now hits easier.
6.  Standing (far) roundhouse hits crouched, while standing (far) forward will


1.  Delay after Super Lariat increased since it is a totally invulnerable
    attack.  The delay will no longer cause the opponent to block.
2.  Lariat/Super Lariat has been changed to only Strong + Fierce, or Forward +
    Roundhouse.  This makes it much easier to do.  Also, the key change
    results in the computer doing less lariats and more computer combos.
3.  Standing (far) roundhouse hit duration decreased.  Before, it would be
    able to hit for far too long.
4.  Decreased priority of Lariat and Super Lariat.


1.  More teleports!  See SF2MOVES.TXT for more information.
2.  Short slide/Yoga fire is now a combo.  Note short slide/Yoga flame is not
    a combo.
3.  Vertical hit range of slide increased.
4.  Standing kicks will now missed crouched opponents yet hit Ken/Ryu's
    fireball pose.


1.  Defined hit ranges for attacks.  Before, the whole image would be an
    attack area.
2.  Burning Knuckle rewritten.  It is now blockable, the height and speed has
    been reduced, the recovery frame no longer hits, and it will no longer hit
    crouched opponents.
3.  Super Power Wave upgraded in damage.
4.  Added longer delay after Power Wave since delay was almost non-existent
    before, making it too easy to "fireball" trap.


1.  Defined hit ranges for attacks.  Before, the whole image would be an
    attack area.
2.  Super Kuhadan been upgraded in damage.
3.  Added longer delay after Hishoken since delay was almost non-existent
    before, making it too easy to "fireball" trap.
4.  Zaneiken delay will no longer hit an opponent.


1.  Adjusted walking and jumping speed, hit ranges, TU, TK, slam, slam sounds,
    winning pose to match arcade HF.  (Some suggestions from Chan Chee Ming)
2.  High Tigers will no longer hit crouched, also Blanka can walk under High
3.  Standing punches will no longer hit crouched opponents.
4.  Tiger Knee horizontal movement and hit range decreased.
5.  Swapped the damage that the two hits of standing roundhouse will cause.
6.  Standing roundhouse now hits Ken/Ryu's fireball pose.


1.  Adjusted jump path, jump speed, hit ranges, torpedo, scissor kick,
    head stomp to match arcade HF.
2.  Head stomp and subsequent aerial punch now requires a high block.
3.  Torpedo will now miss/get hit by the appropriate projectiles.
4.  Torpedo now hits on right frames, and now will hit Dhalsim's crouching
5.  Scissor Kick can no longer go through Ken/Ryu's fireballs.
6.  Scissor kick now hits crouched opponents.
7.  Standing jab will no longer hit crouched opponents.
8.  Standing kicks can no longer hit a crouched Blanka.





1.  Standing (close) strong was too hard to interrupt.  Fixed.
2.  Ken's jumping forward uses wrong frame when landing.  Fixed.
3.  Standing (close) roundhouse now hits a standing Chun Li twice.
4.  Jumping straight + strong hits twice.  Fixed.
5.  Ryu's Cyclone Kick was not invincible on the way down.  Fixed.
6.  Cyclone Kick now spins the correct number of times in the air.
7.  Ryu's jump straight + short hits twice.  Fixed.


1.  Double knee (slam + forward) was unblockable.  Fixed.
2.  Double knee (slam + forward) sometimes wouldn't hit twice.
3.  Crouching jab and crouching strong would do the same damage.


1.  Didn't flip backwards properly after bite.  Fixed.
2.  An electricity frame would appear whenever Ken/Ryu kick-slammed Blanka.
    This was a bug left over from the 1.x days.  Fixed.


1.  Crouching fierce was accidentally made interruptable at the start and at
    the end.  Fixed.



1.  Lariat now spins the proper amount of times.
2.  Jumping jab/strong wasn't hitting properly.  Fixed.
3.  Crouching jab not causing enough damage.  Fixed.


1.  Forward teleport now works.  (Oops...stupid mistake in 2.0à)
2.  Slide hit range was too short.  Fixed.
3.  Crouching fierce is stil


1.  Repeated crouching jabs would result in Terry standing up.  Fixed.
2.  Terry now slams with Fierce, not Roundhouse, as stated in the docs.


1.  Air attacks were not lasting long enough.  Fixed.



1.  Jab torpedo does too much damage.  Fixed.
2.  Jumping jab hits twice.  Fixed.
3.  SPD reaction would usually result in him disappearing or static appearing
    on the screen.  Fixed.




1.  Adjusted all ground and air attacks not to "shift", especially for Terry
    and Andy.
2.  Rewrote jump animations for Guile, Ryu, Ken.
3.  Made E. Honda's and Zangief's shadows bigger (actually implemented in
     SFLIU 1.1)
4.  Some character breathing animations smoother.
5.  Adjusted fall down reactions of E. Honda, Terry, Sagat, and Blanka.
    Looks a tad better when they get hit by DP.
6.  Guile's and Ryu/Ken's slam animations have been redone.


*1.  Standing punch recovery frames now look more like the arcade.
2.  Cyclone Kick and jump straight + roundhouse now has smoother animation.
3.  Standing (far) roundhouse no longer "shifts".
4.  Now consistent with standing (far) kick attacks.
5.  Recovery after standing (close) fierce now looks slightly better.
6.  Recovery after crouching (close) fierce now looks slightly better.
7.  Fireball now flickers more naturally.


1.  Jump straight + short now lasts slightly longer.
2.  Recovery after standing (close) roundhouse attack now looks slightly
3.  Recovery after crouching (close) fierce now looks slightly better.
4.  Recovery after standing (far) strong now looks slightly better.
5.  Midair flip of Sumo Butt Crush looks slightly better.
6.  Standing (far) kicks shift more naturally, while still having different
    hit ranges.


*1.  Winning backflip only jumps once before flipping.
2.  Winning pose adjusted so screen doesn't bounce up and down.
3.  Adjusted walking backwards so he no longer moonwalks :)


*1.  Range and movement of standing (far) strong adjusted, made interruptable.
*2.  Now lands properly after air slam.
*3.  Losing pose now uses the proper frame.
*4.  Sonic Boom now spins correctly when launched.
5.  All slams readjusted to match more closely with arcade.
6.  Losing pose is now continuous.
7.  Crouching forward no longer levitates off the ground.
8.  Recovery after standing (close) fierce now looks slightly better.


*1.  Now lands properly after air slam.
2.  Walking and standing still sequences adjusted to look more like the arcade.
3.   Losing pose is now continuous.
4.  Crouching fierce now has a proper delay frame.
5.  Jump straight and roundhouse looks slightly better.


1.  Jump diagonal + short now lasts slightly longer.
2.  Fallen frame is now at the proper height.
3.  No longer "wobbles" when hit by crouching fierce.
4.  Recovery after crouching (close) fierce now looks slightly better.
5.  Super Lariat now starts with the same frame as the normal lariat.


1.  No longer makes a sound when he slams.
2.  Crouching fierce is now at the right height, since it will no longer
    miss a Sonic Boom.



1.  No longer "wobbles" when getting hit by Ken's Cyclone Kick.


1.  Standing strong changed to standing fierce-type graphic.

SFLIU 1.1 -> SFLIU V2.0alpha

-Updated for 1.96 compatibility
-Character's movements, attacks, special moves, reeling back frames, hit
 damages, hit ranges, winning poses, losing poses all edited
-Attacks modified to hit only once
-Attacks modified to be blockable  (Many attacks in the original SF2IBM 1.96
 were unblockable)
-Combos are still possible for the 10 SF2 characters, but on a 486, they are
 hard to execute, if not impossible, due to the game not slowing down when
 one gets hit.  Hopefully they will be easier to execute in the final release.
-Computer combos are unchanged for the original 8 characters, the new
 characters do not have computer combos yet.


-Key sequences for special attacks/slams changed to mirror FF more closely
-Dash backwards now invincible
-Losing (lying on floor) pose now does not move
-Exploding Power Wave now does not disappear when it hits
-Burning Knuckle now knocks down
-Power Wave does not knock down anymore
-All punches and kicks are interruptable, but not comboable
-See "In General"


-Key sequences for special attacks/slams changed to mirror FF more closely
-Dash backwards now invincible
-Losing (lying on floor) pose now does not move
-All punches and kicks are interruptable, but not comboable
-Hishoken now does not travel all the way across the screen
-See "In General"


-Close up standing kicks hit twice
-See "In General"


-Now falls completely down when hit out of Torpedo by special move
-See "In General"

SFLIU V1.0 -> SFLIU V1.1


-Getting up is now interruptable (eg. you can now "break out" into DP while
 getting up.  This should stop people standing by you waiting for you to get
 up so they can slam you.  Just do a DP motion as you get up)
-EXE changed so the score bar doesn't overflow when the score turns negative
 (Thanks to Stan Warman for this one!)
-Honda's hair in losing pose fixed (Thanks to Duc Tran for this one!)
-HYPCHAR.SF2 now has correct (metric!!!) stats
-New music from SF2IBM 1.96!
-Getting hit by electricity/fire, falling dizzy subroutines adjusted to
 match more closely with the arcade
-Can now air slam with neutral direction.  Air slam with up removed.  This
 change was implemented since unlike the arcade, one usually does not hold
 onto a direction when jumping.
-Blanka's jumping fierce, Dhalsim and Zangief jumping attacks no longer hit
 below the ground
-Some computer combos upgraded in strength


-Dragon Punch now hits Dhalsim's slide
-Ken now has "instant" DP (Do a crouching fierce/DP and you'll see what I
-Added standing (close) forward attack
-End of crouching fierce was accidentally made interruptable.  Fixed.
-Standing (far) fierce was accidentally made interruptable.  Fixed.
-Ken's DP descending speed rewritten
-Vertical range of CK increased


-Now able to block standing (close) roundhouse
-Start of Sumo Head Butt now invincible, Jab Head Butt is now able to go
 go through projectiles
-Sumo Butt Crush completely rewritten.  Also, the delay after the Butt
 Crush was shortened, and a high punch can now hit the recovery.


-Now flips at the end of the bite
-Electricity range decreased (Before, it was a little too hard to hit Blanka
 out of electricity)
-Crouching strong changed to crouching-fierce-type graphic
-Decreased delay times after both rolls


-End of standing (close) fierce accidentally made interruptable.  Fixed.
-Removed sound effects when slamming opponent
-Now crouched opponents cannot be hit with jumping punches
-Blade kick range adjusted (it was too easy to hit someone behind you)
-Blade kick descending graphic changed


-Jump straight + forward changed to a step kick attack
-Jump straight + roundhouse range increased
-Step kick range decreased
-Ascending SBK range decreased (it was too easy to hit twice before)
-Standing (close) strong now misses crouched opponent
-Standing (close) roundhouse now hits a crouched opponent
-Jumping straight height decreased
-Rewrote flip kick attack


-SPD changed to Up + Fierce (a lot of people were complaining that the SPD
was too hard to do.  We discovered that the difficulty was not due to the
diagonal direction required, but rather due to a bug in the extended-throw
range flag the SPD was given.  Fixing the bug required the keystrokes change
to just Up + Fierce.  In any case, it should be a lot easier to do a SPD now)


-Walking/jumping speed adjusted to HF speeds
-Crouching fierce can no longer go under a Sonic Boom
-"Dead spot" for Yoga Fire decreased
-Teleport speed increase (it was too easy to hit Dhalsim after reappearing)

Original SF2IBM -> SFLIU V1.0
In General:

-Faster gameplay!
-Hyper Fighting moves added! ( Blanka's vertical roll, etc.)
-Computer can perform combos and does "pattern" moves like the arcade
 (e.g. Ken does 3 DP's in a row, jumps back and forth, Fierce/DP combo)
 Pattern moves inflict massive damage, making the computer a real threat!
-Intense .VOC's!  Recorded from Capcom SF2 soundtrack!  Country Names!  Sound
 effects for punches/kicks!
-True interruptible moves!  Try your favorite combos! (Fierce/Fierce/DP!)
 (Fierce/Fierce/Blade kick!)  All combos in the arcade are possible here!
-Attacks only hit once (no more quadruple jumping shorts, double fierces)
-Damage index lowered (no more redizzies like Fierce/Double DP until death!)
-Shortened block recovery time (this makes it possible to block high attack
 followed by low attack)
-Dizzy period varies with character (e.g. Zangief shorter, Chun Li longer)
-Increased delay time after "charge" type attacks, as no charging is needed
 in SF2IBM
-Characters jump higher/longer/further when jumping backwards
-Fixed everybody's winning/losing pose
-Many other fixes regarding things like knockdowns, hit ranges of moves, 
 adjustment of movements during attacks, interruptability of moves, jumping
 and walking speed, special move speed and power or all characters, slide
 back time after getting hit, etc.

-In general, a much more fun SF2IBM!  Human vs. Human is much more playable,
 and even Human vs. Computer is fun!  (The computer beats me if I'm not


-Cyclone Kick knocks down, with invincibility during start
-Cyclone Kick over Dhalsim's Yoga Fire
-"Deep" DP does more damage (as in the 1000 point DP for the arcade)
-Faster Fireball
-Faster Fireball Recovery
-Small and Medium Dragon Punch knocks you down


-Faster Cyclone Kick
-Cyclone Kick over Dhalsim's Yoga Fire
-Expanded Dragon Punch Range
-Faster Dragon Punch
-"Deep" DP does more damage (as with Ryu)
-Small and Medium Dragon Punch knocks you down, Large one hits twice


-Sonic Boom comes out first, making combos possible, then a delay is added
-Added Blade Kick recovery time
-Added Hopping Knee
-Roundhouse Blade Kick hits twice
-Easier to do air slam
-Back Breaker is harder to do, but does more damage
-Adjusted blade kick hit time/vulnerability time
-Shortened Backhand (as in arcade)
-Removed standing (far) jab (as in arcade)


-Added Fireball
-SBK hits on way up, and way down (can be a combo)
-SBK invincible on way up
-Small Lightning Kick hits less often, vice versa for large Lightning Kick
 (on the old one the Large L. Kick simply lasts longer)
-Added Bui Joong Tek (slam with Roundhouse) (sorry!  Don't know english name,
 or even if there is one!  Any ideas?)
-Added Flip Kick (slam with forward)
-Easier to do air slam
-Increased jump straight + roundhouse range


-Added Sumo Butt Crush
-Added halt time after Sumo Torpedo and Sumo Butt Crush
-Small H.H. Slap hits less often, vice versa for H.H. Slap
 (on the old one the Large Hand Slap simply lasts longer)
-Added double knee (slam with forward)
-Fixed standing forward (before, it was some sort of half kick)


-Added Vertical roll
-Added halt time after horizontal and vertical roll
-Horizontal Roll now knocks down (beats having it hit you 4 times + dizzy, eh?)
-Large Electricity Lasts shorter than the small one
-Removed double roll-standing (close) fierce. (as in arcade)


-Spinning Lariat walks forward, knocks down, not invincible, more damage
-Added Super Spinning Lariat, walks forward slowly, knocks down, invincible,
 less damage
-Added SPD


-Added Teleport
-Yoga flames do not last as long, stronger button results in more damage
 but has more recovery time
-Screen does not jump up and down when Dhalsim floats (winning pose)

-=Big Thanks to:=-
Thanks to Jung Young Dug for putting SF2IBM together in the first place,
Stan Warman for the FAQ which was BIG help.
Jeff Buckland, Warren King, Michael Mutz and Andrew Hurlstone for playtesting
the game, Steph, Amy, Evon, Bo and Max all whom listened to me rant and rave
about numbers, images and button presses.

Brian Chan for egging me on to finish up this patch and
Derek Liu for helping me when things looked their worst and
TEAM SFIBM for helping me reassemble SFJenn 1.11!

ENJOY IT!  It was done by a fan, for fans everywhere, without a profit, 
with long hours of back hurting, eye straining, and carpal tunnel typing, 
pasting, editing and junk.  ENJOY! :)

   SARAH      Strength. Beauty. We have no equal in the kingdom.       KING
   PAI CHAN                    jenn@dolari.net                 MAI SHIRANUI